TPK struggles to measure Whānau Ora outcomes

The Government needs to explain why so many vulnerable whanau are falling through the cracks.
The Minister of Māori Development Te Ururoa Flavell attended the Māori Affairs Select Committee to highlight “gains” – $40m to support those with high and complex needs – in the 2016 Budget.

I asked the Minister how Te Puni Kōkiri would evaluate Whānau Ora outcomes across three commissioning agencies which have very different approaches to lifting well-being. While the Minister was able to point to specific initiatives, he missed the whole point of the question.

Te Puni Kōkiri appears to be working on a measurement framework to ensure monitoring oversight for the outcomes delivered through the three Whānau Ora commissioning agencies, but there is a lack of detail about what that structure looks like and when Parliament might expect to see the report.

Having received a briefing from one of the commissioning agencies I am aware that an incredible amount of work has gone into developing a data platform and service delivery model which is more responsive to multiple complex needs, and I will be seeking to invite these agencies to the Maori Affairs Select Committee.

Mr Flavell needs to reassure taxpayers that there is a transparent reporting framework for Whānau Ora outcomes and the new commissioning agency funding model.



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  1. tamehana rogers 4 years ago

    Pleased to learn of your response to the signs of desperation from the maori pty seemingly led by one of the original Waka Jumpers with a penchant for extravagance

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